Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

I am an aficionado of Himalayan salt lamps. I’ve got plenty of them in my house, and I never have enough. Because I’ve got so many, I know what makes a good salt lamp and what doesn’t.

Make no mistakes; I still had my fair share of disappointments and I was scammed many times. But I’m actually happy I was, because I learned from my own errors. My latest buy was the Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp, a lamp as beautiful as efficient.

We should start by saying that there are moments when  press “Order” without even reading the item’s specs. Obviously, this is reckless behavior, and it got me into spiritual crises more than once.

Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to this lamp. I’m really glad I threw caution to the wind and ordered it just because it looks stunning. Here’s what you need to know about this product.

Introducing The Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit is one of our favorite retailers of salt lamps because they found the perfect way to combine modern looks with Pakistani salt without compromising any shred of beauty in doing so.

This product is the undeniable proof of this. It looks nothing short of amazing, from packaging to base. The lamp’s unique design made me purchase it without thinking twice.

These Are The Features Of The Lamp

  • Stainless steel base – so much better than the wooden ones or those made of salt
  • Dimmable lighting – you can adjust the intensity of the light with a press of the switch
  • Drainage control system – one of the very few lamps with such a phenomenal, efficient feature
  • 120 volts
  • 15-watt incandescent bulb (+2 replacement bulbs included in the price. You don’t get this from many manufacturers)
  • 15 pounds in weight (the maximum size; the minimum is 5 lbs.)
Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp

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The vast majority of salt lamps do not look nice when put in rooms with modern design. That’s because their own does not fit it.

What we like best about this is that it was specifically made for houses with that type of minimalistic, yet fully effective composition.

The fact that the light can be easily adjusted in accordance with one’s own preference and sensitivity to glare, for that matter, is also another aspect that recommends this lamp as being, without a doubt, a best-buy.

Moreover, we find the stainless steel base to be quite an inspired implementation. This way, it won’t be prone to melting. It is the base that holds the drainage control system, as well.

Therefore, the base won’t corrode, either. In respect to cleaning, you can wipe it off with some wet wipes or a moist piece of cloth. Don’t wipe it with a sponge, because you might scratch the surface.

What Other Had To Says

Assuming the risk of being redundant: most of all the owners of this lamp are thrilled to have it. Evidently, I’ve joined their rank. Even though its overall design is somewhat commonplace, people say that the lamp is much more high-quality than it looks.

We agree wholeheartedly. Levoit does not make any compromises, and it really shows in their products. Its soothing effect worked on all those who have bought this, and people are head over heels with it for that exact reason.

What We Like

To be honest, everything. It’s of top-notch quality from top to bottom and comes in a package that is no less beautiful than the lamp itself. This makes it perfect for being given as a present.

Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Bamboo Basket Lamp

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The light-dimming switch, the noncorrosive base, as well as the price and the warm glow are pros. And yes, I’m that excited about something that is basically a chunk of salt. You’ll be too, so don’t judge me.

Also, it can be purchased in various sizes, from 5-8, 8 to 11 and 11 to 15. A smaller one, for instance, would be suitable for your children’s room, while a bigger one would rather fit in the living or the bedroom.

As of now, I’ve got nothing bad to say about this lamp. I was sent precisely what the company advertised, it was shipped quickly and safely, and I never had to replace the bulb, in spite of the fact that I had it for more than half a year.

Some people complained that the salt is actually lighter in color than it shows in the picture. That is due to the fact that each product is different, i.e. made from another salt crystal.

In terms of functionality and financial feasibility, it is indeed the best buy you can make for somewhere around $60.

Our Buying Advice

After considering purchasing it from a few sites, I eventually stuck to Amazon. Particularly because I got a very generous discount (40%, believe it or not) and free shipping.

Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’m not in the least materialistic, but it would be insane not to take advantage of an opportunity when it’s given to you. Keep in mind that if you get it from elsewhere, you might pay double the money.

It simply doesn’t make any sense to do that when you can save $40 effortlessly. With that kind of money, you could get another lamp.

Our Verdict

We could wrap this all up by saying that this model of lamp couldn't been nicer, better or cheaper.

It is exactly what I’ve been looking for. If you’re willing to give a particular room in your home a boost of stylishness, this is the greatest choice you can make.

And since autumn and the gloomy days it brings about is just around the corner, it will help having this huge, warm lamp in your bedroom. It’s like having a miniature fireplace (no, it doesn’t warm up the room, but you know what I wanted to say).

Our Rating

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