Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

We all know the traditional Himalayan salt lamp: the more or less polished chunk of Pakistani salt thrust into a circular piece of wood and with a bulb inside of it.

But what about other models? Some of us are design-oriented and don’t want to have in our houses products that thousands of other people do. We want uniqueness.

And here’s the deal: that’s what you get with this Himalayan Glow product. Apart from Levoit, Himalayan Glow is among the very few companies that manufacture and sell not-so-common salt lamps.

But enough with the chatter. Let’s delve into reviewing this beautiful item.

About The Product

What makes this product super eye-catchy is its shape. It’s not your typical salt lamp, in the sense that, rather than being made of a single crystal, it’s made with chunks. These are put in a nicely crafted bamboo basket.

The Lamp Features

  • Dimmable lighting
  • 25-watt light bulb (quite powerful)
  • ​A 6 ft. cord
  • ​Genuine Pakistani salt
  • Bamboo basket
Himalayan Pink Salt Bamboo Basket Lamp


In comparison with the other types of lamps, this is extremely easy to clean. All you have to do is empty the basket and wipe each individual salt crystal.

Because the basket is 100% bamboo, it will last you for years. However, don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning it once in a while.

Although it doesn’t have God knows what sci-fi features, the Himalayan Glow 1348 is hands down one of the most stylish salt lamps ever made. It stands to show that Himalayan Glow is not ready to give up the trend it started, which is a good thing.

The market is filled to the brim with unoriginal manufacturers. This one is like a breath of fresh air in this industry, and hopefully, it will be as such a few years from now, too.

A basketful of amber fire, that’s how we would describe this lamp. You just can’t take your eyes off of it once it’s lit. We love the fact that it has this Halloween feel about it.

Himalayan Glow 1348

It looks really similar to a carved pumpkin. Since autumn is coming, this is the best accessory for the house. We even installed one outside on the porch. The feeling you get from staring at it while you’re lounged in a chair is irreplaceable.

What’s even nicer is that each salt crystal in the basket has its distinct shade of pink. Some of them are more intense, while others are paler. When you buy yours, the colors will vary, so don’t get mad.

No salt chunk is exactly the same as the other one, but it’s all for the better since the final effect is spectacular.

What Others Had To Say

The Himalayan Glow 1348 has received mostly positive reviews. It is one of the best-rated salt lamps on the market right now. I think that is because people are tired of conventional lamps and this one’s the exception from the rule.

There were a few customer complaints in regards to the way in which the crystals surround the bulb. These are separated with a cardboard, but sometimes they fall off and crack the bulb.

This poses a safety hazard for children. Honestly, nothing of the sort happened to me. But we don’t doubt that it did to others.

What We Like

The bold design, of course. Nothing much else is out of the ordinary. It’s just that instead of a huge chunk of salt, you get multiple ones.

We love its glow and the fact that each of those crystals is slightly different in shade. It gives it a plus of beauty. It also has dimmable lighting so that you can adjust the intensity.

Himalayan Pink Salt Bamboo Basket Lamp

The price is justified by the quality of the product. Therefore, this is another perk. Moreover, there are six other styles this lamp can be purchased in, one more gorgeous than the other one.

One downside of this lamp is the size of the salt crystals. Some of them are too tiny, so they keep on falling outside of the basket. This could be solved with a piece of cardboard, but then the whole aesthetic of the lamp would be chipped.

Another disadvantage (signaled by other customers, it didn’t happen to me), is that the light bulb can explode the first time the lamp is lit. To be fair, we don’t know why that is, because we haven’t had any issues of the sort with mine.

It can be a shipping problem, for all we know. Maybe the wiring got a few blows or the socket was weakened, so the contact became faulty.

Our Buying Advice

Amazon offers a 9% discount and free shipping, so you might want to consider ordering yours there. Amazon is also careful with the products it ships to people. You won’t get a broken lamp just because the courier was too busy with finishing his shift so he could go to McDonald's.


This lamp is lovely and cheap for how it looks, but the fact that sometimes those crystals can fall off through the openings in the basket is a major pitfall.

 Pink Himalayan Basket Night Lamp with Salt Chunk

Apart from that, the Himalayan Glow 1348 is as advertised by the company. It looks beautiful no matter where you put it, the basket is nicely handcrafted, and the salt crystals are breathtaking.

We would recommend this product, but we advise you to take some safety precautions when you use it for the first time. Maybe the bulb will go off in yours, too. Or maybe it won’t.

If you’re among those persons that hunt unique objects, then you’ll be amazed by this highly esthetical salt lamp.

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