Crystal Allies Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp Review

Crystal Allies Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan salt lamps have been the hottest house accessories on the market for a while now, and the trend doesn’t seem to subside at all.

And understandably so. They’re positively awesome and offer certain health benefits for a decent price. But some people find these mass-produced salt crystals a little too commonplace.

If you like slightly uncommon Himalayan Salt Lamps, then Crystal Allies Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp has high chances of being everything you’ve wanted. Let us show you why this is a good buy.

Introducing The Crystal Allies Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp

Crystal Allies is a company that sells gems and minerals, for the most part. But it happens to sell some of the most beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps on the market, too.

This, as the name says it, is a spherical lamp perfect for the backyard porch, the library or the bedroom. To be honest, it looks cool anywhere you put it, so you’re all set.

Specifications Of The Lamp

  • 120 volts voltage
  • 15-watt bulb
  • ​7.7 pounds
  • ​Orange glow
  • Himalayan Salt certification
  • Wooden base
Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-GLOBE-12cm Natural Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp



What we like best about this lamp is that it really goes anywhere. It can be both a night light and an ornamental sphere to put in the courtyard and turn on at night.

It doesn’t have any groundbreaking features, but it does its job nonetheless. At first, we had doubts whether we should buy it or not because the base looks awfully fragile.

You know that wooden bases are prone to cracking if the water from the salt lamps accumulates on it, which was yet another downside we took into consideration.

However, the lamp is great. We haven’t had any issues with it yet. The base is fragile, but then again, a lamp has to be put somewhere where nobody can push or drag it down.

The orange glow is discreet and doesn’t hurt the eyes, the salt is quite sturdy (but genuine), and all in all, it has everything a good lamp should have.

In our opinion, this looks better as an ornament outside than an indoor night light. Mine are seated on the porch and wired together. With a press of the switch, 4 of them are lit in a row. We changed the wattage of the bulbs, so the light isn’t too strong.

Of course, you can put yours wherever you please. We are just saying that this particular model is quite amazing as an outdoor ornamental element.

What Others Had To Says

This particular lamp has received extremely positive reviews from customers. They like everything about it. As you might expect, there were a few complaints, as well.

Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-GLOBE-12cm Natural Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp


But before we tell you what those were, you should know this: salt is fragile. So, some people complained that their lamps had cracks. That’s perfectly normal. Himalayan salt is not perfect.

And you wouldn’t want it to be perfect, trust us. That’s a sign that you might have bought a fake. Moreover, others received theirs with the on/off switch broken.

Obviously, that’s a shipping problem. Most of the reviews for this lamp are positive, which stands to show that the product is trustworthy and deserves every penny, in spite of what some may think.

What We Like

The shape. There isn’t much else that could have an impact on my opinion. Everybody has those nowadays, and we don’t know about you, but we can’t be excited about having something that other thousands of people have.

This is great. It’s not “out there,” but it does grant the lamp a certain note of originality. What’s more, if you don’t like the product, you can send it back within 90 days. This is further proof that the lamp is made with genuine Pakistani salt.

Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-GLOBE-12cm Natural Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp


The price, too, is an advantage. For less than $30, you get this lamp + 2 Himalayan salt candle holders. Those look really nice and go perfectly with the lamp itself because they have a complementary hue.

We think someone had read our thoughts when he said that instead of the on/off switch, a dimmer would’ve been a lot better. We agree with that totally. Not that we would find the standard switch uninspired, but a dimmer would’ve fared farther.

Another thing that is not so good is the wooden base. It looks very, very thin. That could’ve been a lot better. Not made from other material, but simply as a more qualitative piece.

Apart from these very minor inconveniences, there really isn’t anything we don’t like about this lamp. You get what is advertised, and that’s it. A lot better than ordering something because you’re promised God knows what innovative lamp, when it’s really a pile of salt in a box.

Our Buying Advice

If you’re terribly concerned about the quality of the shipping, I advise you to consider purchasing your lamp from Amazon. You’re buying it straight from the manufacturer, anyway, so it will be safe and sound.

Moreover, you might get some good discounts and free shipping. These are not always applicable, so make sure you keep yourself up to date with their offers.


All in all, the Crystal Allies Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp is a good buy. The shape is really what recommends it the most, particularly when you’re not a fan of those sturdy salt crystals sold all over the Internet.

CA SLS-GLOBE-12cm Natural Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp


There isn’t much to say about this lamp. You just purchase it, and it works as advertised. It doesn’t have anything better in comparison with other lamps, therefore the shape is the only thing it has different than the others.

Again, we highly recommend you use it as an ornament for the outdoors. It changes the whole atmosphere. And of course, find some time to wipe it clean with wet wipes, so water doesn’t pool on the base.

We hope you found this review helpful. If you’re into spherical Himalayan salt lamps, then this is the perfect product for you.

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